Burglar Alarm Systems

The sight of a burglar alarm box is still a deterrent, however not all burglars notice until it starts ringing. The sound of an alarm often causes burglars to grab what they can quickly before making their escape.


A monitored alarm system, also known as Police Call or a Remote Signalling system is similar to type B, but is monitored by an alarm receiving centre (ARC) 24 hours a day. On activation the alarm automatically informs the ARC who decide what to do depending on the digital message received. This can be call the Police, Fire Brigade or maybe just inform your key holders. These systems include; Digital Communicators, RedCare and DualCom

If a thief sets off the alarm or if you press a panic button the alarm will ring instantly inside and out. This system then relies on someone responding to the noise as it does not call an ARC. Calling the Police in itself will not get attendance as Type B alarms require some additional indication that an offence is in progress. This may be the sound of breaking glass, unusual lights or seeing somebody acting suspiciously.

**Both systems can be wired or wireless**